Full service electro-mechanical repair facility in Lexington, Kentucky.

Electric Motors

We follow all E.A.S.A. best practices in the ANSI/EASA AR100-2010 repair document. We provide documentation and tracking for every job though our ACS Master software. We include a root cause of the failure and remanufacture the product back manufacturer specification or better.


We remanufacture all types and brands of pumps. We are able to avoid long lead times on parts since we are capable of reverse engineering critical parts with our machining services. We dismantle and document each component, providing you with a cause of failure and a suggested plan to correct the cause.

Other Services

Fans, Blowers, Gear reducers, Machining services (CNC), Dynamic Balancing, Infrared Scanning, Vibration Analysis, Laser Alignment direct drive or belted, SKF Baker winding testing, Onsite service, Engineering services, Root Cause Failure Analysis, Customized training for your staff on testing