Electric motors

We follow all E.A.S.A. best practices in the ANSI/EASA AR100-2010 repair document. We provide documentation and tracking for every job though our ACS Master software . We include a root cause of the failure and remanufacture the product back to manufacturer specification or better.


We remanufacture all types and brands of pumps.  We are able to avoid long lead times on parts since we are capable of reverse engineering critical parts with our machining services. We dismantle and document each component providing you with a cause of failure and a suggested plan to correct the cause, as well as remanufacturing the pump back to OEM specifications.

Fans & Blowers

We can repair most any fan in our facility or on your site.  We can replace bearings, repair damaged shafts or blades, and then clean, balance and bring them back to OEM specification.

Predictive or trouble shooting services

We staff factory trained personnel certified in alignment, vibration, infrared, winding testing and balancing to your required specification.

Onsite service

We staff the qualified manpower to work with your maintenance staff when you are over burdened and need an extra hand for a day, a year or longer if needed. We also remove, repair and reinstall electric motors, pumps, fans and most any equipment with one call.  We will supply manpower, cranes, lifting equipment, testing and engineering as needed to complete any project.

Engineering services

We staff a mechanical engineer that can help you with any pump application or problem you may have by providing in the field testing to prove or disprove current applications, size or design new applications for pumping or if you just need help with a mechanical problem.

Root Cause Failure Analysis

This is a specialized field that we have been providing service in for more than 20 years. We provide this service for several motor manufacturers and HVAC manufactures that use electric motors in NorthAmerica and provide reporting for quality control of their product lines, well as provide this same reporting to our day to day customers. We provide written reports with photos, measurement documents for mechanical fits and specialized electrical testing to provide the real cause of the failure and will provide suggestions to keep failures from reoccurring.

Customized Training

We have a dedicated training room for continuous training of our staff and offer this same service to our customers.  Whether it is a Webinar Sponsored by E.A.S.A, our own in house programs, or an E.A.S.A. training seminar taught by a professional instructor, we can customize the training to what you need.